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Hi All,

October of this year marked The C.A.G.E. Club’s (our sister website) 2nd annual Halloween Party & Cosplay Competition.  It’s been one month, the judges have deliberated and the  winners have been announced!

There are only two places to be won first place and runner up.  The first place winner is entitled to an all expense paid trip to The C.A.G.E.’s Annual Anime Convention Trip.  The runner up wins an Anime Inspired sword!

This year’s winner of the Cosplay competition  was ….. drum roll please:

Nadia V. Russell coming in as Naytia Bai Xue from the popular Banhua Webcomic Titan Sphere!!

Cosplay First Place

Runner Up is Malissa Mackey cosplaying as her very own Ginger from the Mimosa Cafe Banhua.


Cosplay Competition Runner Up

What helped these hopeful bombshells win the judges heart and vote were their ability to brining their characters to life.  To get the audience involved they never left character! It was as though Naytia and Ginger were really there with us that night.   Nadia knocked the socks off of the judges with her well-endowed performance of Miss Bai Xue.  Having not seen much from this character beforehand she had to really bring it!  And she did just that with her almost ‘don’tcha-wish-your-girlfriend-was-hot-like-me demeanor and that I-don’t-give-a- damn look in her eyes.   She kept it both sexy and interestingly entertaining.   Once Mackey stepped into the circle to do her performance her regular self quickly melted away and the lovely Miss Ginger Snaps rose to the occasion.  With her ensemble, giant spoon included, Miss Snaps began her performance by giving a little on her history like where she came from! The audience poked around trying to find out about her Banhua/Web Comic and what things were to come but Miss Snaps didn’t bite! Alluring as she was cute, she give them only enough that they’d be bound to be back for more!  As some point durning the performance Miss Snaps showed how the Spoon doubled as a weapon!    Needless to say, a unsuspecting onlooker got a first hand taste of her sweet actions!  It was those actions done so innocently that captured the audience and votes from the judges.   Good job Nadia Russell & Malissa Mackey!

There were also several other Competition entrants and others that looked so good we WISH they’d entered.   You can find pictures of them below and a live action video of some of the persons involved in L.A.R.P.ing not quite like you’ve seen it before! For more pictures on click the Link photo below.  For the videos please continue to scroll down the page and then click the link:).


Link from the Legend of Zelda

C.A.G.E. Club Cosplaying

Slide Show of Cosplay Nite

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