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Artists: Now’s Your Chance

For a long time, the only viable way to get into being a professional-level manga-ka with a long list of projects to work on was to live in Japan. In the last two decades, as imprints like Tokyopop have brought manga more into the Western world, many artists are suddenly finding that their art is getting more attention than it ever has.

The internet also offers a lot of assistance to anyone creating anything at all, from a partypoker blog to a Bahamian web-manga, because of its ability to connect millions of potential fans to a new hot property. If you’re a talented artist, great web traffic is inevitable, and this leads to print deals and not only seeing your work in stores in the Bahamas, but around the world, as well.

What Bahamian artists have to offer is a completely fresh perspective – American, British and Japanese comics have been in the limelight for many, many years, and anything new tends to take the world by storm because it can offer a new culturally-influenced twist on an existing medium – in this example, manga. If you take a closer look at Bahamian manga, you’ll notice the subtle differences in art style, narrative structure, and the variety of tropes used within the fiction that supports the art. The best possible mix of the old, and the new.

There’s a lot of manga to look forward to from within the Bahamas, too, as many prolific local artists are working on new material all the time, and if you’re a regular at their websites or on DeviantArt, you’ll soon find their latest work. We can’t wait to see what you all come up with. Why? Because we’ll be reading, discussing and promoting as much of it as we can.